Q-Rohr® Flameless Explosion Venting for Metal Dusts


Special challenges with metal dusts

The combustion temperatures and thermal combustion energies of metal dusts far exceed those for other types of dust. In the event of an explosion, the temperature can reach approximately 5400 °F (3000 °C) and can cause devastating damage when combined with the sudden pressure wave.

Explosion protection for companies in the metalworking industry is therefore difficult and expensive, especially for equipment used indoors. Until recently, most companies in this sector used wet separators to prevent explosions. However, the resulting sludge is not only difficult to handle but also expensive to dispose of correctly.

Q-Rohr® is the world’s first protective system for flameless explosion venting to be certified for metal dusts in accordance with EN 16009! It is THE cost-effective solution for indoor explosion protection in the metalworking industry.
Expensive and complicated safety systems are no longer required. Q-Rohr® allows companies to focus once again on finding the optimum plant layout for their specific production processes.
Q-Rohr® requires only a quick, visual inspection and minimal maintenance – thus offering on-going cost savings.


The special stainless steel mesh developed by REMBE® cools the hot flame gases (up to 5400 °F/3000 °C) extremely efficiently, reducing the magnitude of the explosion. The stainless steel mesh also guarantees that no burned or unburned metal dusts exit the vessel. It thus ensures the best possible protection for the environment against explosions and their consequences.

Please note!

The combination of the Q-Rohr® and isolation systems prevents pressure waves and flames from propagating to other parts of the plant.

Your advantages

  • REMBE® is the first manufacturer in the world to be certified for metal dusts.
  • Best protection of the surrounding area. Guaranteed flame arresting and particulate retention – no hazardous pressure wave effects.
  • The complete production process remains in the building.
  • No running costs for the disposal of sludge (wet separator) and filings or for external maintenance. A visual inspection is sufficient.
  • The Q-Rohr® is a flexible solution – it can even be used in the middle of your production facility. Proximity to an external wall is not required.
  • Integrated signaling unit for reliable monitoring
  • Noise level and pressure rise typically associated with explosions are greatly reduced to a harmless level.



ATEX EC type examination certificate no.

IBExU 13 ATEX 2085 X

IBExU 13 ATEX 2086 X

IBExU 14 ATEX 2027 X

Meets the requirements of NFPA


Q-Rohr® Flameless Explosion Venting for Metal Dusts competitive advantages:

  • Process-optimized plant layout
  • No external maintenance costs

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