PEV Volumetric Sampling Valve

In order to facilitate powder sampling from drying silos, Definox offers a volumetric sampling valve. The powder flow is gravity discharged. It allows for repeatability of the sample taken from a given volume or frequency.


  • Sampling reliability
  • Fast and simple disassembly
  • Sampling repeatability



PEV Volumetric Sampling Valve Features:

Mass-machined spherical body

  • Facilitating powder flow

Viwate Q finish

  • Avoiding clogging on stainless steel surfaces (with powder butter, for example)

Piston stem

  • Guaranteeing constant volume
  • Several models of stem to collect the volume

Collar flange

  • Ensuring the tightness
  • Facilitating the disassembly for maintenance and cleaning operations

PFA / PEEK sealing

  • Adapted to abrasive products

Automatic sampling

  • Electro-magnetic sensors inform about piston position

Receptacle adaptation

  • Thread adapted to the size of the bottles
  • Floating ring for use of sampling bags

ATEX version, optional

  • Allowing the use in explosive atmosphere

Control and signal

  • From Sorio control top