Perimeter Seated Knife Gate Valve

Delivering a knife gate valve that is both long-lasting and cost-effective, Elite Valve manufactures solutions that are best suited for industrial and commercial use. Perfect for liquid, gas, steam and water applications, Elite Valve’s E5 perimeter seated knife gate valve will withstand the harshest of operating conditions and service environments.

Design and Construction:

  • Sizes available: 2″ – 24″ stock
  • Handwheel operator standard up to 12″
  • Gear operator standard on 14″ and above
  • Powder coated ductile iron body
  • 304 stainless steel polished gate and stem
  • Braided Teflon packing
  • EPDM perimeter seat
  • 304 stainless steel stanchions
  • Bronze drive bushing
  • Full port opening
  • MSS-SP81 dimensions
  • ANSI Class 150 flange bolt pattern

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Available Options:

  • Body and gate in 316 stainless steel
  • Viton seat
  • Deflector cone
  • Energized packing
  • Live loaded packing
  • Non-rising stem
  • Stem extensions
  • Actuator mounting plate (electric, hydraulic, pneumatic)
  • Proximity switches (with brackets)

E5200 Technical Drawings:

E5200 Brochure: