NivoGuide NG 8100 Radar Sensor

For Use:

  • Continuous Level Measurement, Interface Level Measurement
  • Liquids
  • DK Value ≥ 1,4

Application area

The guided radar sensor NivoGuide® 8100 measures the level of liquids or oils of any kind. In addition to level measurement, this TDR sensor can also reliably and precisely detect an interface, which is likely to be formed between two liquids. Due to the robust sensor design and a wide range of versions, the sensors are suitable to be used in large storage tanks as well as in small process vessels or bypass tubes.

Your benefit:

  • Simple, menu-driven commissioning and diagnostics with operating module and display
  • High measurement reliability even in applications with steam, foam formation or condensate to reduce unwanted downtimes
  • Maintenance-free sensor


Measurement Principle:

  • Guided Radar (TDR)

Measuring Task:

  • Continuous Level Measurement
  • Interface Level Measurement


  • Rod Version
  • Rope Version
  • Coaxial Version


  • Liquids

Mounting Position:

  • Top
  • In a Bypass
  • In a Standpipe
  • On a Socket