Multifunction Vane Thermo-Anemometer

Measures Air Velocity, Air Volume, Temperature, Humidity, and BTU; Built-In Datalogging

Measure air velocity, air volume, temperature, humidity, and BTU with the Model 9671 Multifunction Anemometer. The large 1.8″ (45 mm) display allows users to easily view readings. User-selectable wind speed units include ft/min, m/s, knots, mph and km/hr. In addition to these functions, the 9671 is capable of measuring relative humidity, wet bulb temperature, dew point and BTU capacity. A built-in sensor records ambient temperature in °F or °C. Model 9671 features include data hold, along with the ability to record minimum, maximum and average readings on a single point. Additional features include an RS-232 interface setting that allows the unit to download data, as well as upload up to 99 measurements through pre-edited PC files. The 9671 also has a detachable probe for easy replacement, if necessary, or to attach a miniature vane probe. Each unit includes hard carrying case, batteries, software CD, cable and instruction manual.