Magnetic Permanent Block

Magnetic Permanent Blocks MPB are an excellent tool for attaching components during surface machining or welding. The magnetic blocks offer flexible attachment without disturbing contours for easy drilling, deburring, fine grinding and mounting work.

  • Application: Clamping
  • Technology: Permanent
  • Block dimension: from 2.52 x 5.6 x 3 in \ 64 x 143 x77 mm
  • Holding force: up to 10kN/cm2
  • Clamping surfaces: three sides

Package content:

  • Set (pair) of magnetic blocks
  • Switching key


  • clamping components during welding, surface machining, drilling, deburring, fine grinding or mounting work


How the Magnetic Permanent Block Works:

Easily clamp flat, circular, square, and other sections with the MPI Magnetic Permanent Block MPB. The magnetic block has three specially modified sides each for a different shape of component. It is easily activated using the switching key. The chucks are sold in three different sizes. To expand the clamping area, simply connect the blocks using the hexagon connectors (sold separately). Theese chucks are completely nickel-coated so they are highly resistant to corrosion.