Knife Gate Valves

Knife Gates designed for positive shut off

The Meyer Knife Gate Valve is designed for positive shut-off of all free-flowing bulk material. It can be used in feeding, dust collector hoppers, silos, or other conveying equipment. The valve’s open throat is designed to assure there is no clogging of bulk material; our knife gate valve’s standard design is robust and can handle dust to 1/4″ coarse-grain granulated material. No other pneumatic knife gate valve manufacturers can boast this level of performance. The standard operator is a manual handwheel with the option of a pneumatic operator. As one of the top Knife Gate Valve manufacturers, you can rest assured that our units will provide exceptional performance.

The unit consists of a cast iron housing with a stainless steel gate supported by a series of rolling cams and an inlet seal positioned beneath the inlet retaining ring sandwiching the gate at the top. The unit incorporates graphite aramid fiber packing as standard with the option for Teflon. Find out for yourself what makes us the leading pneumatic Knife Gate Valve suppliers in the industry today.


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Knife Gate Valves Features:


  • Reliability of operation
  • The cast body of the valve is dust-tight assuring a clean operation
  • Knife action to cut through a standing column of material
  • Short opening and closing time
  • Maintenance is easy with replaceable packing
  • Modular design permitting upgrades to packing and operators


Bulk Powders, Cement, Chemical, Fly Ash, Iron Ore, Lime, Mining and Minerals, Steel Mills
  • Cast iron body
  • Round flange
  • Stainless steel gate
  • Dust-tight design
  • Stuffing box with replaceable packing
  • Self-cleaning design
  • Non-jamming operation