HB Series Compensator

Designed to absorb straight axial compression and extension. Used in building riser ssytems to compensate for thermal expansion and concrete shrinkage, they can be installed in horizontal piping as well as vertical.

Proper guiding and anchoring are critical!


Available Styles and Options:

  • With female copper sweat ends
  • 2″ of compression, 1/2″ extension (2-1/2″ total stroke), female copper sweat ends
  • 3/4″ to 3″ pipe sizes. HB Series Compensators are tested to a pressure of 225 psi for the recommended maximum operating pressure of 150 psi. Maximum temperature: 400° F.
  • The HB Series, designed with pressure external to bellows, is extremely compact to save space. Bellows head is slotted to ride on an anti-torque rail.
  • Vertical or Horizontal Installation. Requires no maintenance.
  • All-metal construction includes a stainless steel bellows and high quality carbon steel housings and fittings. Welded construction throughout with traveling nipple tack-welded with clip to insure proper installation. Model HB Series is available with SS housing and copper sweat ends for installation in copper lines.