F-Series Flap Gate Airlock Valves

When dust is the enemy and pressure isn’t an issue, you need a cost-effective, dependable, and effective way to contain it.

The F-Series Double-Flapgate Airlock Valves are designed for low-pressure basic dust collection applications with maximum of 30″ WC pressure differentials, where low cost is critical and a rotary airlock or slide gate is unnecessary.

Operating temperatures for the F-Series are normally in the 250°F range. Used under cyclones, baghouses, and collection hoppers, these double flap valves are a low-maintenance and dependable alternative. Just tell us whether you want yours with gravity/counterweight or air-operated actuation.


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F-Series Flap Gate Airlock Valves Features:

Common Service Conditions:

  • Low-pressure applications with 30″ H2O pressure differentials
  • Temperatures to 250°F
  • Free-flowing abrasive materials

Typical Applications:

Dust collection

Relevant Industries:

Cement, Foundry, Limestone, Minerals