Externally Pressurized Metal Expansion Joints

Externally pressurized joints are designed for use in striaght pipe runs to accomodate for high pressure a large thermal expansion and contraction. External pressure is applied tot he bellow via a gap between the internal flange and housing. This keeps the bellwos for becoming unstable, thus allowing a longer bellows to be manufactured.


  • Flanges
  • Beveled Weld Ends

Internal & External Guides:

  • Ensures proper guiding of pipe inside joint


  • For draining liquids or location for installing steam trap


  • T-304 SS Standard
  • 316SS
  • 321SS
  • Inco 600
  • Inco 625



  • Single or dual bellows
  • 150 or 300# pressure ratings
  • Stanard T-304 SS bellows
  • Anchor base is standard on dual units
  • Ends can be flange x flange, weld x weld, or flange x weld