Explosion Prevention Detectors


Particularly plants that are at risk of explosive dust must frequently be provided with explosion protection measures, as ignition sources are often unavoidable.

In addition to electrostatic phenomena and mechanically generated functions, the most frequent ignition sources particularly include glowing embers, open flames and hot surfaces.

Alongside grounding monitoring systems and spark extinguishing systems, the new detectors of the GSME and HOTSPOT series make an enormous contribution to increasing explosion safety. Both detectors have been developed for the early identification of combustion reactions and thermal events, which can ultimately be ignition sources for explosions.


The HOTSPOT thermographic detector and the compact GSME pyrolysis gas detector are specifically tailored for the early detection of hot surfaces and fire in dust-handling equipment, such as silos, dryers, mills, conveyors or dust collectors.


The well-proven multi-criteria technology on a semiconductor basis already enables foolproof early detection by the GSME of all types of concealed and open glowing embers and smouldering fires in the emergent phase.The sensor elements of the detectors are protected from dust and moisture with the unique diffusion filter technology.

HOTSPOTs are freely parametrisable infrared camera systems in the form of detectors with integrated signal evaluation. In addition to process monitoring, they are also particularly suitable for the detection of overheating plant components and glowing embers.

In the same way as the GSME detector, the HOTSPOT is also protected from the penetration of moisture and dust due to its robust design. Both detectors are specifically designed for use in areas up to Zone 20 and tested in accordance with ATEX and IECEx.

Your advantages

  • Explosion prevention with early detection of smouldering and developing fires (GSME).
  • Detection of glowing embers, flames and hot surfaces with HOTSPOT.
  • Highest moisture and dust resistance with unique diffusion filter technology.
  • Approvals in accordance with ATEX and IECEx.
  • Comprehensive explosion safety concepts through the integration of the detectors into the REMBE® EXKOP® Express control unit.


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