Dymax Permanent Magnetic Chuck

MPI Dymax Permanent Magnetic Chucks have a double neodymium magnetic system creating a very high holding force. Dymax chucks are suitable for demanding machining operations such as heavy surface grinding or light milling operations. The top plate is made of very durable material with transverse combined poles. Dymax Permanent Magnetic Chucks are suitable for workpiece clamping during precise surface grinding for small, thin parts as well as bigger components. The waterproof design allows the Dymax Permanent Magnetic chuck to be immersed in dielectric liquid during EDM machining.

  • Double neodymium magnet system creates a very high holding force
  • Versatile permanent magnetic chuck for use in grinding and light milling
  • High durability and long-life span of the top plate made of steel/stainless steel
  • Robust and durable steel base or precise machining
  • Easy operation for high efficiency clamping
  • Waterproof design is immersible in dielectric liquid during EDM machining
  • One (1) year warranty for the magnetic system
  • Manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards


How the Dymax Permanent Magnetic Chuck Works:

MPI Dymax Permanent Magnetic Chucks rank among the strongest permanent magnetic chucks in this range. Heavy holding forces up to 120 N/cm2 help clamp the parts during machining efficiently. The double neodymium magnetic system is capable of exerting a high holding force and retaining a low chuck weight.