DCX3 HP High Pressure Shut-Off Valve

The high-pressure valve is adapted to circuits with pressure levels higher than 20 bars. It is designed following the European Pressure Equipment Directive CE97/23/CEE. Disassembly operations are secured in compliance with the fundamental demands of this European Directive.


  • Optimal cleaning
  • Secured design
  • Reinforced protection of the lines


DCX3 HP High Pressure Shut-Off Valve Application Features:

From DN 50 to DN 80

  • SMS, DIN or US versions
  • DN 100, on request

Balanced plug

  • Reducing water hammer and stress on seals

Mass body machined

  • Available in L, T or cross configuration

Size for use up to 25 bars

PFA floating seal maintained in a groove adapted to high pressure

  • Excellent cleanability by circulating cleaning fluid over all faces of the seal
  • Good resistance against high temperature

Screw flange connection

  • Guaranteeing maximum safety while disassembling
  • Ensuring strongest resistance against high pressure

Elastomer sealing, optional

  • EPDM
  • FKM