DCX3 Aseptic Bearing Shut-Off Valve

The aseptic bearing shut-off valve is fitted with a fluid (cleaning / rinsing) or vapor circulation bearing. This configuration allows for sterilizing the valve components in contact with the exterior before encountering the fluid process when handling the valve.


  • Physical barrier for aseptic applications
  • Resistance against expansion stresses
  • Optimum cleaning thanks to PFA floating seal
  • Easy maintenance thanks to clamp subassembly
  • Sterilization through steam or fluid circulation



DCX3 Aseptic Bearing Shut-Off Valve Features:

From DN 25 to DN 150

  • SMS, DIN or US versions

One-piece plug with PFA floating seal

  • Sturdy design avoiding any risk of breakage or unscrewing

Mass-machined spherical body

  • Configurations available: L, T, cross or half-cross body

Fluid or steam circulation bearing

  • Guaranteeing the cleaning of the plug faces in contact with the external environment, during valve operations
  • Ensuring the sterilization of the plug stem, before any movement inside the valve

Cooling bearing

  • Optional, to compensate the effects of the steam on the process fluid

Elastomer sealing

  • Adapted to abrasive product or fluid with particles.
  • EPDM or FKM

Dismantable actuator

  • Easily transformed Normally Open NO, Normally Closed NC or Double Acting DA