Concentric and Eccentric Reducers

The concentric reducer (tapered expansion joint) connects unequal size pipes that have a common centerline. Taking the place of a metallic reducer, these joints also provide sound and vibration isolation and compensate for pipeline expansion.

It is constructed with a synthetic fabric that reinforces the body and employs metal retaining rings. Flanges are drilled to standard ANSI dimensions.

Available in different rubber compounds and combinations of rubber compounds.

The eccentric reducer is available upon request.



  • 165 PSI/26 in. Hg for sizes 2x1x6 thru 4x3x6
  • 140 PSI/26 in. Hg for sizes 5x3x6 thru 12x10x8
  • 85 PSI/15 in. Hg for sizes 14x8x8 thru 14x12x6
  • 65 PSI//15 in. Hg for sizes 16x10x8 thru 18x16x8
  • Maximum temperature, all sizes: 230° F