Compact Rupture Disc UKB LS

The UKB LS comprises customizable housing, a reverse acting rupture disc and a three-section knife. When the defined burst pressure is reached, the rupture disc is pressed against the knife and opens. This design provides the lowest possible burst pressures while at the same time offering good vacuum resistance even up to high vacuum conditions.

The rupture disc and housing are micro-welded, and all elements are made of metal. This ensures maximum leak-tightness. Leakage rates of up to 10-10 mbar xl/s are possible. With a wide array of available connections, we supply the ideal pressure relief unit for every application – even for ultra-clean processes. Despite its individuality, several “standard” sizes have become established for UKB LS over the last few decades. These are for installation between industry standard flanges.


  • Autoclaves, chemical reactors, gas-tight pressure vessels, gas compressor modules, hazardous goods containers
  • Intermodal containers for corrosive/aggressive media, cryogenic applications, cryostats + transport containers
  • Food production, mixers, process vessels, refineries, reactors, spray dryers, sterile tanks, aseptic tanks, reverse osmosis systems



  • Breweries
  • Chemical – petrochemical
  • Food
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Aerospace
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • LNG


  • Maximum leak-tightness
  • Also suitable for high vacuum applications
  • Out of this world: these rupture discs even protect space satellites – so you can be confident they will function reliably.