COMBI Metal Detector

The Metal Detector COMBI is a highly-sensitive multi-segment sensor for inspection of textile width objects such as nonwoven fabrics, transformer boards, paper and textiles. The system detects the smallest metal particles of Fe 0.5 mm.

  • Full 2 year warranty on complete system–giving you peace of mind
  • Semi-flexible aperture lining–resists thermal shock due to temperature change and protects the sensor for maximum operating life and minimum down time
  • All solid state electronics housed on one main board–ensures years of reliable performance offering the lowest cost of ownership on the market
  • Intuitive menu structure–simple operation for reliable performance, no expensive service calls to adjust settings
  • Full pre-sale applications and custom design service–making sure we provide the right solution first time
  • Satisfaction guarantee–put simply, the unit will perform as specified or we will take it back for a full refund


How the COMBI Metal Detector Works:

The metal detector is a multi-segment sensor. The total detection zone of the detector is thus divided into several single segments, each of them being about 365 mm wide. This makes it possible to assign detected metal particles to a definite segment of the textile width and thus it is possible to minimize product loss if metal is detected. Due to extremely high sensitivities of the single segments, minute particles of metal are detected over the whole width.