ColumnLift Vacuum Conveying Systems

VAC-U-MAX ColumnLiftTM Vacuum Conveying Systems provide gentle and damage-free vacuum transfer of product to process vessels including mixers, blenders, reactors or any vessel with open and close hatch doors. The system draws material directly from floor level — from paper bags, drums, IBC’s, boxes, bulk bags, silos, storage containers, and feed bins — maximizing processing by minimizing the ingredient handling stages including manual scooping, heavy lifting, stair-climbing, and messy dumping.

Engineered for easy handling of powders and granular bulk materials from ground level to up and over process equipment, the VAC-U-MAX ColumnLiftTM Vacuum Conveying System is furnished with an 18” diameter floor base and top rotating anchor. The operator stands a safe distance away and with remote pendant operates the electric lift mechanism, raising and lowering at 10-15 ft/min (3-4.5 m/min). The system rotates away from the loading hatch of the process vessel and can be used to load side-by-side process vessels. All cleaning and sanitation steps occur at ground level instead of at elevation. A highly productive and versatile addition for any application requiring vacuum conveying free-flowing and non-free flowing materials from ground level to over process equipment at rates from handfuls to over 5,000 lb/hr (2,300 kg/hr).





• Raise and lower any VAC-U-MAX Vacuum Receiver up to 22” in diameter (560mm)*
• Provides easy access to mixer or process vessels requiring opening and closing hatches
• Floor baseplate and top anchor feature bearings for easy rotation
• Electric lift mechanism controlled with remote pendant
• System raises and lowers at 10-15 feet per minute (3-4.5 meters per minute)*
• Allows left-to-right rotation for easy swing-away of vacuum receiver from loading hatch
• Programmable and remote controls allow conveying start and stop from floor level
• System reduces lifting, stair-climbing and manual dumping
• System utilizes minimal floor space
• Allows side-by-side loading of process vessels
• Heavy containers remain at floor level
• Vacuum Receiver easily brought down to floor-level  for cleaning & maintenance
• Maximize facility regulatory compliance including (FSMA) sanitation & OSHA (Walking/Working Surfaces)
• Convey from handfuls to over 5,000 lbs/hr (2300 kg/hr)*
• Includes floor and top rotating anchor mounts
*Based on material bulk density

• “No edges, No ledges”
• Faster processing time
• USDA designs & materials of construction
• Easy, quick-clean & take-apart features
• Low profile, minimal footprint
• Made in the USA
• Local product support
• Performance guarantee
• Maximize regulatory compliance
• Maximize process efficiency & productivity



The system features an electric lift mechanism controlled with a remote pendant. The top mount features bearings for easy rotation with 18-inch (460mm) base plate for easy rotation away from the loading hatch. A fall arrest cable maximizes safety. The system raises and lowers at 1015 feet per minute (3.4 to 5 meters per minute). Vacuum conveying rates vary per application, typically from handfuls to 5000 pounds per hour (2300 kg/hr).

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