A-Series Double Flap Gate Airlock Valves

The A-Series Cast Double Flapgate Airlock Valves are designed for medium-pressure applications and standard temperatures to 650°F. Their cast iron housing, White Iron/Ni-Hard seats and flaps make them an economical alternative to rotary valves.

These double flap valves are designed for dust collector, precipitator and cyclone applications where maximum pressure differentials are 193″ WC (7 psi). They can also replace traditional rotary airlocks experiencing premature wear. The seats and gates can be re-ground extending the working life of the valve.

A low profile enables the MPSA model to directly fit in place of most rotary valves. MPFTA matches the “industry standard” flange pattern and height. The MPSA and MPFTA models are available with your choice of pneumatic, electro-mechanical or gravity/counterweight actuation.

How They Work 

The double flap valve design controls the rate of material flow through a system while preventing air leakage. It accomplishes this by isolating the processing system’s pressures. Unlike other types of high-temperature valves, the double flap version has two pivoting gates that open and close in sequence.

These mechanisms enable double dump valves to fill and empty the chamber between the gates without compromising the air seal. Because one of the gates remains closed at all times, a constant seal is maintained throughout the fill-and-dump sequence. The seal ensures these high-temperature gate valves can perform their function reliably without a loss in performance from the overall system.

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A-Series Double Flap Gate Airlock Valves Features:

Common Service Conditions:

  • MPSA/MPFTA up to 7 psi
  • MPFTA with Dual Actuators up to 15 psi
  • Abrasive materials

Typical Applications:

Dust collector, Precipitator, Cyclones

Relevant Industries:

Cement, Chemical, Fly ash, Iron ore, Pulp and paper, Mining and minerals, Recycling, Steel mills