8032 Flowmeter Threshold Detector

The paddle wheel device Type 8032 is designed for use in clear, neutral or aggressive liquids. The device is provided as flowmeter or threshold detector. The device is made up of a compact Inline sensor-fitting with paddle wheel (Type S030) and a transmitter with display (Type SE32). The device is quickly and easily assembled thanks to a bayonet mounting and locking system. The Bürkert “Inline quarter-turn” technology ensures a leakage-free operation. The Bürkert designed sensor-fitting system ensures simple installation of the devices into all pipelines from DN 06…DN 65. The device is available with freely configurable switching outputs (transistor or relay) or with 4…20 mA process value output. The switching outputs enable the direct switching of valves and the establishment of a simple On/Off control circuit within a monitoring system. The switching points can be configured with the 3 keys directly at the display.


  • Indication, monitoring, transmitting and On/Off control in one device
  • Freely adjustable outputs (transistor or relay)
  • Automatic calibration using Teach-In
  • Process value output: 4…20 mA
  • Flow threshold detector