8012 Flowmeter with Paddle Wheel

The paddle wheel flow meter is available in magnetic or optical variant. The magnetic variant of the measuring instrument is especially designed for use with neutral, slightly aggressive, solid free liquids. The optical variant is exclusively intended for use with infrared transparent liquids. The Type 8012 consists of a fitting (Type S012) and an electronic module (Type SE12) which are srewed together. The Bürkert designed fitting system ensures simple installation into all pipes from DN 06…DN 65. The Type 8012 can also be integrated in customer-specific block systems. Depending on the electronics module variant, the Type 8012 is provided either with a pulse output or with a pulse output and a 4…20 mA current output. The pulse output, which can be transmitted and processed by a Bürkert remote transmitter/controller, generates a configurable frequency proportional to the flow rate or can be used as a switch output.


  • Economic integration in pipe systems without any additional pipelines
  • Optic or magnetic measuring principle
  • Outputs: one analogue output 4…20 mA and/or one transistor output (frequency or switch)
  • Outputs configurable (through interface on USB port with PC)