300-6A Absolute Pressure Test Gauge


  • For most routine test and production uses

Product features

  • This capsule-type gauge offers an acceptable balance among size, readability, accuracy
  • Available in nine standard ranges
  • Absolute pressure is applied to the case and readout is direct without barometric correction
  • Readings are referenced to zero absolute


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6″ dial

Scale length

To 30 psia

0.3% of full scale

0.2% of full scale

Case pressure and volume
15 psig maximum, 395-cc volume with an optional, overpressure relief valve available to protect the case

Maximum case leak rate
Will not exceed 1.44 x 10-5 std cc/sec or 0.0019 psi/hr.

Case connection
⅛” female NPT with built-in stainless steel filter. Connection located on back of case

Case construction
Aluminum with tempered-glass window
Flush mounted by three screws through the bezel

Material exposed to measured gas
Aluminum, beryllium copper, brass, stainless steel, nylon, E.P.R. Monel, lead, nickel-plated phosphor bronze, soft or silver solder, synthetic sapphire, paper, epoxy cement, TFE, nickel silver, nickel plating, drawing ink, lacquer

Calibration in most metric units available at no extra cost. Other calibration units and two sets of graduations on the same dial are available at extra cost. Also available are excess pressure-relief valves for 2 and 15 psig.

Weight and shipping weight
Approx. 5 lbs.

Order Information
When ordering, please specify ordering number, range, and mounting angle. (Extra cost if mounting angle is other than vertical) Options as listed above.

Note: This gauge should not be used for corrosive gases or for liquids of any kind