300-2.75I Pressure Indicator Gauge


  • For routine test, laboratory, and production applications

Product features

  • Accuracy in a compact size
  • Sensitive, yet rugged, convenient to use
  • Available in 18 standard ranges (including vacuum and compound ranges)
  • Pressure applied to the capsule through a single connection in the case
  • Readings referenced to atmospheric pressure in the case

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-400″ H20 to 100 psig

0.33% of full scale

0.2% of full scale

Scale length
7″ through one pointer revolution

Dial diameter

Pressure element volume
2.5 cc for the range 0-10″ water
2.0 cc for all other ranges

Case connection
⅛” female NPT with built-in stainless steel filter
Connection located on back of case

Case construction
Anodized aluminum with a high strength, Tempered glass window. Flush mounted by four screws through the bezel.

Zero adjustment
A zero adjustment is accessible through the case front

Material exposed to measured gas
Beryllium copper, brass, soft solder in ranges to 100″ water; silver and soft solder in ranges above 100″ water

Metric calibration (SI) units available at no extra cost
Other calibration units available at extra cost

Weight and shipping weight
Approx. 2 lbs.

Order information
When ordering, please specify ordering number, range, and mounting angle. (Extra cost if mounting angle is other than vertical).

Note: This gauge should not be used for corrosive gases or for liquids of any kind.