250Y1 Cast Iron Y-Strainer

Elite Valve manufactures bronze Y-Strainers that are long-lasting, functional, cost-effective, and are well suited for commercial and industrial use. Elite Valve bronze Y-Strainers are suitable for a full range of steam, liquid, gas & oil, power, pulp & paper, process equipment, chemical, metal & mining and water & waste applications.

Features Include:

  • One piece cast body
  • ASME Class 125 rated strainers
  • Upper and lower machined seats
  • All sizes complete with bolted cover
  • Drain/Blow-off connection furnished with plug
  • Generous screen area and properly proportioned straining chamber to minimize initial pressure drop while maximizing time between cleanings


The 250Y1 Cast Iron Y-Strainer is long-lasting, functional, cost-effective, and is well suited for commercial and industrial use.