150FV Carbon Steel Foot Valve

Elite Valve manufactures carbon steel foot valves that are long-lasting, functional, cost-effective, and are well suited for commercial and industrial use. Elite Valve carbon steel foot valves are suitable for a full range of steam, liquid, gas & oil, power, pulp & paper, process equipment, chemical, metal & mining and water & waste applications.

Elite Valve carbon steel foot valves are sufficient at preventing pump column from draining upon pump shutdown and are designed with a heavy-duty stainless steel screening allowing flow areas to be three to four times that of the pipe area.

Features Include:

  • Pressure rated to 285 PSI
  • Temperatures to 400º F
  • Available in sizes of 2″ to 16″
  • Silent, non-slam closure
  • Stainless Steel Metal to Metal Seats
  • Designed to reduced surge and water hammer
  • Center guided at both ends to prevent binding


End Connection:

  • Flanged (FLG)