WLD1800R Repairable Guided Float Liquid Drainers

The WLD1800R Drainer contain a stainless steel float and hardened stainless steel seat and disc to drain out liquids from pressurized piplines, tanks, and vessels without the loss of the pressured gas. Available in either a repairable (WLD1800R) or a non-repairable (WLD1800) version. The all stainless steel construction allows them to be used in extremely corrosive environments. The WLD1800R can be disassembled for service and replacement of internal components.

  • Stainless steel body
  • All stainless steel internals for longer service life
  • Guided float ensures proper valve seating on every cycle
  • Repairable unit available (wld1800RR)

Catalog Spec Sheet (pdf)
I&M (pdf)
Condensed I&M (pdf)


WLD1800R Repairable Guided Float Liquid Drainers are used on industrial air and gas applications for drainage of liquid from systems.

The WLD1800 Series liquid drainers contain a float-operated valve. When liquid enters the drainer, the float rises opening the valve which allows liquid to be drained.