Thermodynamic Liquid Drainers

Thermodynamic Liquid Drainers (WLD1703S) are all stainless steel construction with a built-in strainer and optional blow down valve. Integral seat design and disc to be hardened for long service life. Unit shall be capable of installation in any direction and does not require balancing lines.

  • Rugged, stainless steel body and hardened seat
  • Handles a wide range of pressures up to 250 PSIG
  • Works in any position (horizontal preferable)
  • Integral strainer with blowdown option
  • Three-holed balanced discharge
  • Freeze-proof in vertical flow-down position

Catalog Spec Sheet (pdf)
I&M (pdf)

ModelSizeTypeOptionsMax PMO (psig)
WLD1703SB-12-N1/2"NPTStrainer and Blowdown250


Thermodynamic Liquid Drainers features a disc type liquid drain trap has a cyclic on/off operation with a disc. The disc is pushed open when condensate is present and pulled closed when air or gas tries to escape.

Blowdown valve allows strainer to be cleaned without removal.