PTFE Expansion Joints

Tef-Flex connectors are highly flexible, dependable, and versatile. They offer the best combination of low spring-rate flexibility, temperature resistance, and the chemical inert properties of PTFE materials. They were designed to meet the needs of the HVAC, high-technology, and chemical/petrochemical industries. These bellows connectors are versatile and will absorb pipe movements and stress, isolate mechanical vibration, reduce system noise, and protect against surge forces.

These connectors are suitable for connectiont o metallic piping or plastic lined metallic piping. They are constructed of 2, 3, or even 5 molded convolutions of white PTFE. These convolutions are reinforced with metallic rings between the bellows for pressure rating and stability. Standard ductile iron backing flanges are protected by the lip of the pTFE bellows so that all wetted surfaces are PTFE. Steel limit rods are factory installed. Addtional convolutions provide greater movmement capabilities.



  1. Absorb Pipe Movements & Stress
  2. Isolate Mechanical Vibrations
  3. Reduce System Noise
  4. Protect