NEMA 1 Control Panels

For Simplex units, the NEMA 1 Control Panel will include a single motor starter with a HOA (HAND-OFF-AUTOMATIC) selector switch to turn the pump on manually, or to set in automatic mode. A single Motor Circuit Protector switch shuts the power off to the pump when an overload (OL) condition is detected.

ModelFor ModelSystemDescription
MSN1-1P-1-1151-phase, 115 VACSimplexPower up to 1 HP
MSN1-1P-1-2301-phase, 230 VACSimplexPower up to 1 HP
MSN1-1P-2-1151-phase, 115 VAC SimplexPower up to 2 HP
MSN1-1P-2-2301-phase, 230 VACSimplexPower up to 2 HP


NEMA 1 Control Panels Features:

  • Magnetic across-the-line motor starter *
  • Thermal overload and Hand-Off-Automatic (HOA) selector switch
  • Optional Pilot Light* Allows for remote start-up with full line voltage across the motor terminals.