NEMA 12 Control Panels

For Simplex units, the control panel would include a single motor starter with a single HOA (HANDOFF- AUTOMATIC) selector switch to turn the pump on manually to verify functionality; or, to set in automatic mode along with a single Motor Circuit Protector switch to shut power off to the pump.

For Duplex systems, the control panel would include two motor starters with two HOA (HAND-OFFAUTOMATIC) selector switches to turn either of the two pumps on manually to verify functionality, or to set in automatic mode along with two separate Motor Circuit Protector switches to shut power off to either of the two pumps.

ModelFor ModelSystemDescription
CPN12-P1-S1-phase/3-phase All VoltageSimplexPower 1/3 thru 5 Horsepower
CPN12-P2-S1-phase/3-phase All VoltageSimplexPower over 5 Horsepower
CPN12-P1-D1-phase/3-phase All VoltageDuplexPower 1/3 thru 5 Horsepower
CPN12-P2-D1-phase/3-phase All VoltageDuplexPower over 5 Horsepower


NEMA 12 Control Panels Include:

  • Motor Circuit Protector (s)
  • HOA Selector Switch (es)
  • Mounting and Wiring • External Reset (s)