FT Series Small Fire Tube Steam Boilers

FT series are compact fire tube steam generators available in different configurations, based on market demands and optimized for combination with any market burner.

The FT boiler is a fire tube steam generator, two-pass dry back type, with a horizontal design, fully packaged and complete with all the necessary control and safety devices. The two-pass design provides easy access to all internal parts, reducing downtime for inspection, maintenance and cleaning.

The heating surface and the fire tubes are designed to obtain high turbulence in the gaseous mass, ensuring high thermal efficiency. Thanks to the large furnace with ample diameter, combustion occurs with low NOx emissions (different to reversed flame boilers).

FT series steam generators are manufactured and certified according to the European Directive PED (other design codes and certifications can be applied including ASME, SELO, etc.).

FT steam boilers are supplied in standard and container versions.

Technical Information

FT 100 FT 200 FT 300 FT 400 FT 500
Steam production [kg/h (up to)] 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000
Design pressure [barg] 12 12 12 12 12
Thermal efficiency [%]
according to EN12953, higher efficiency cn be reached with condensing systems on demand at defined boundary conditions
90* – 95 90* – 95 90* – 95 90* – 95 90* – 95
NOx emissions [mg/Nm3]
**lower emission levels on demand and depending on burner choice
80** – 150 80** – 150 80** – 150 80** – 150 80** – 150
Length [mm] 3900 4500 4900 5500 6100
Height [mm] 1950 2300 2500 2600 2800
Width [mm] 1850 2000 2150 2200 2300


  • Simple and quick maintenance due to its two-pass design, with convenient access to the internal components of the boiler: furnace, inversion chamber, and tube plate.
  • Combustion system is suitable for different fuels: natural gas, biogas, GPL, hydrogen, diesel oil.
  • Small footprint and compact design.
  • High thermal efficiency due to efficient heat transfer, large exchange surfaces and optimized heat recovery systems (economizer).
  • FT boilers can be equipped with a multifunctional control system (OptiSpark or SMC) and dynamic monitoring of the boiler operation, ensuring optimal performance and safety even in offline mode.
  • Ability to fully integrate with Smart Factory complexes and other process control systems.
  • Low NOx emissions: less than 80 mg/m3 due to an optimized combination with any market burner (according to BAT).
  • Lower flue gas temperatures in the combustion chamber compared to reversed flame boilers.
  • Lower thermal stresses in the metal structure, increasing operating life.
  • More efficiency at partial loads.

Key Features

  • Steam Capacity: 2 – 4 t/h
  • Pressure: 12 barg
  • Efficiency: Up to 95%
  • NOx Emissions: 80 mg/Nm3 (lower values by request)