CT Series Water Tube Steam Boilers

The perfect combination of heat transfer, welding, and pressure vessel design technologies, our water tube industrial boilers are the result of 40+ years of experience in industrial, petrochemical, and power generation industries. They have applications in heat recovery solutions and superheated water production.

CT series water tube steam generators are D-shape designed, with bottom and top drums; tubes expanded in the drum holes using automatic equipment; a furnace with a “membrane wall”; and a burner at the front wall or on the side, depending on the capacity and application.

The outer walls and drums are thermally insulated with high-density mineral wool and hermetically sheathed with stainless steel sheets for outdoor installation. The casing is attached to the supporting structure and can be easily dismantled.

Natural circulation of water inside the boiler is provided, and gas tightness is achieved due to the outer walls made of membrane panels.

Key Features

  • Steam Capacity: Up to 200 t/h
  • Pressure: Up to 80 barg
  • Efficiency: Up to 97.5%
  • NOx Emissions: Down to 30 mg/Nm3 (according to BAT)


  • Design versatility: our boilers are suitable for producing saturated and superheated steam, as well as superheated water.
  • Suitable for unique and advanced fuels: Syngas, Biogas, Process Gas, and natural gas mixed with H2.
  • High thermal efficiency: the implemented heat transfer scheme is carefully calculated in the multi-tube design.
  • Compliance with international technical standards, including PED, ASME, SELO, GOST-R & RTN, TR-TS certifications.
  • Intelligent control system and dynamic monitoring of the boiler operation: suitable for integration with the automation of process equipment and other information systems.
  • Turnkey supply.