DMX PE DMAX PE Diaphragm Sampling Valve

The sampling diaphragm valve DMX PE and DMAX PE integrate a physical barrier between the interior of the valve and the external environment. The sample is taken under optimum aseptic conditions.


  • No pressure drop, thanks to constant flow diameter
  • Aseptic sampling
  • Fast and simple maintenance thanks to clamp collar subassembly
  • Physical barrier avoiding any risk of contamination



DMX PE DMAX PE Diaphragm Sampling Valve Features:

From DN 6/8 to DN 16/18

  • DIN version

4 levels of internal finishes

  • Standard
  • Internal polish
  • Internal external polish
  • Electropolish

Clamp assembly

  • Fast disassembly and modification of the operating devices
  • Centering and homogeneous tightening of the diaphragm

Wall welded connection

FDA 3A certified diaphragm

  • PTFE composite diaphragm
  • Inert to cleaning solutions (CIP), solvents, essential oils

Visual leak indicator

  • In case of diaphragm failure

Mass-machined body

  • Possible sterilization up to 140°C
  • Body profile without retention zone

Ergonomic handle

  • Plastic material PBT, offering high resistance against chemical products up to 130°C.
  • Stainless steel version, optional

Compact dismantable actuator

  • Easily transformed into Normally Open NO, Normally Closed NC or Double Acting DA