DCX3 Single Sealing Shut-Off Valve

The single seal valve DCX3, designed to respond efficiently to the demands of the market in both cleanability and functionality, comes equipped with a PFA floating seal.


  • Optimum cleaning, thanks to a PFA floating seal, as standard
  • Easy maintenance, thanks to clamp subassembly
  • Mass-machined spherical body guaranteeing high resistance against expansion stresses
  • Modular design thanks to the interchangeability of the components
  • Excellent resistance against chemical agents and high temperature
  • No risk of alteration of taste or appearance of the process fluid in contact with the PFA



DCX3 Single Sealing Shut-Off Valve Features:

From DN 25 to DN 150

  • SMS, DIN or US versions
  • Certain variants up to DN 250.

One-piece plug with PFA floating seal

  • Sturdy design, avoiding any risk of breakage or unscrewing
  • PEEK plug for steam and chemical application, as a variant.

Mass-machined spherical body

  • Configurations available: L, T, cross or half-cross body.

Use on numerous applications

  • Various sealing solutions: PFA, elastomer, metal metal
  • Many end connections: SMS, DIN, Clamp

Elastomer sealing

  • EPDM or FKM
  • Adapted to abrasive fluid process or fluid with particles.

Optimal flow management, with DCX3 Reverse version

  • Extended body configuration, with L/L body
  • Simple integration to the existing process lines.
  • Available in elastomer version, EPDM or FKM seal.

Manual version

Dismantable actuator

  • Easily transformed Normally Open NO, Normally Closed, Double Acting DA.

Long stroke version

  • Maximum plug clearance
  • Adapted to fibrous or fragile fluid.