Biomass Boilers

In view of the circular economy, biomass boilers are the green solution to produce energy using renewable fuels. These boilers are suitable for producing steam, hot water, and electricity for various industrial processes and applications. They can be used as a heat carrier, and in cogeneration plants with ORC turbines.

We design and manufacture saturated and superheated steam boilers (fire tube and water tube) and thermal oil heaters, all with reciprocating grates for optimal biomass combustion.

The heaters are manufactured with oversized combustion chambers to ensure low emissions in accordance with any NOx and CO regulations. Cleaning the furnace from soot and ash-slag formations is done using compressed air (for models with a flame tube) or a compressed steam-air mixture (for water-tube models).

All biomass boilers come equipped with a patented grate combustion system, air-cooled and reciprocating, with bars made of refractory Ni-Cr steel. These are carefully tailored for air distribution and steel composition according to the type, size, moisture, and specific gravity of the biomass. With this solution, our boilers extract the maximum amount of heat from biomass.


  • Biomass boilers can burn wood chips, olive husks, rice husks, industrial wood waste, and other types of solid biomass.
  • Modular design enables adaptation of the equipment to any customer requirements and significantly speeds up installation and commissioning on-site.
  • Low emissions, according to the most stringent regulations.
  • Advanced technologies and boiler optimization allow a high level of fuel flexibility.
  • High reliability and availability of the plant.
  • The patented grate guarantees maximum thermal efficiency.
  • Turnkey supply, from biomass loading system to power generation, and steam or oil distribution.
  • Many configurations and sizes are possible.

Key Features:

  • Steam Capacity: 1 – 50 t/h
  • Thermal Capacity: 1 – 50 MW
  • Pressure: Up to 80 barg