CTH Superheated Water Boilers

Our patented solution for superheated water heaters, CTH series hot water tube boilers are the optimal choice for district heating and industrial processes applications where hot water (248+°F) is required.

The design of CTH multi-pipe heat generators is patented; the scheme of circulation of primary and secondary coolant through distribution circuits provides efficiency up to 96%.

The boilers have a large furnace with an easy-to-access membrane wall that helps perform perfect combustion, with a compact design that helps reduce transportation costs.


  • High thermal efficiency due to advanced in-house development and patented burner design.
  • Modular package configuration with the ability to assemble heat generators of different complexities on-site by our experts.
  • Compliance with international technical standards, including PED, ASME, SELO and Russian GOST and TR-TS.
  • High reliability and low maintenance design.
  • Low NOx emissions thanks to large combustion chambers and high-tech combustion systems.
  • Package configuration is easy to transport.
  • Intelligent control system and dynamic monitoring of the boiler’s operation, with the ability to fully integrate with the automation of process equipment and other information systems.

Key Features:

  • Thermal Capacity: Up to 140 MW
  • NOx Emissions: Down to 50 mg/Nm3
  • Efficiency: Up to 96%