8763 Pressure Controller for Dosing Units

Time-pressure dosing is a widely used method for the reliable dosing of liquids across numerous fields of application. However, if dosing quantities are very small and the pressure differences between dosing cycles are minimal, closed-loop control becomes a challenge. Precisely the type of challenge for the pressure regulator Type 8763, which was specially developed for low flow rates and the resulting small dosing quantities. The device is characterised by short response times and precise closed-loop control of pressure. There are no down times or rejects at the beginning of dosing cycles. The digital interface makes it possible to access the various parameters at any time in order to change settings and read out data. Whether you are operating filling systems or state-of-the-art machines for genetic analysis and synthesis, a good valve alone is not enough.Precise pressure regulation is also essential for accuracy in time-pressure dosing. Only in this way can accurate dosing be implemented.


  • Repeatable and accurate dosing of liquids in the µl range
  • Response time in milliseconds and active pressure relief for optimum control performance
  • Digital communication for easy integration into your fieldbus network
  • Extended functionality through additional sensor input + actuator output e.g. for pump or additional pressure sensor
  • Active vent valve to minimize consumption of costly carrier gas