5110 Media Supply Unit

A significant function in a dental treatment unit is the control of the intake media of air and water, for treating the instruments. The media intake unit is a standard solution developed by Bürkert, which fulfils this task optimally and can be flexibly adjusted to meet the requirements of different concepts, decisively reducing development effort. The unit takes over the control of the intake media of air and water, and prepares it with the pressure and flow for the corresponding module in the treatment unit. It integrates all necessary functions and works reliably and quietly. The integration of the management of air and water in one treatment unit reduces complexity and means reduced logistical effort when installing the system. The maintenance of the media intake unit is also therefore made significantly easier. It is designed so that filters can be changed without drops occurring. The media intake unit was developed in harmony with ISO 7494/2 – 2015 and possesses all the relevant certificates.


  • Compact and modular system
  • Simple maintenance
  • Integrated filter
  • Media can be controlled individually and precisely
  • Easy to scale and can be lined up or stacked in any order