2674 Plastic Butterfly Valve

2/2 way plastic butterfly valves used for control and on/off operations. Type 2674 can be connected via the mechanical interface (according to ISO 5211) with pneumatic rotary actuators (for example, Type 2051 or 2052) and electric rotary actuators (for example, Type 3003, 3004 or 3005). Moreover, the valve is available with different kinds of liner (EPDM, FPM), housing (PVC-U, PP-GR) and disc (PVC-U, PP-H, PVDF, PVC-C) materials. Consequently, Type 2674 is suited for various aggressive media and meets the requirements of different applications and processes.


  • Manually operated, automatable
  • For aggressive media
  • Low torques
  • Long service life
  • Maintenance-friendly