2671 Butterfly Valve

2/2-way butterfly valve in metal for shutting off and controlling media flows. Since the butterfly valve is available in various designs (wafer type, lug type) and in different materials, it meets the requirements of various applications and processes. Preferential areas of application for butterfly valves are, for example, the metal industry, power plant technology, paper industry as well as mining, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering. Further characteristics and advantages are:

  • Through shaft for self-centering disc: even wear and low torque
  • PFA-coated shaft in the sealed area
  • Blow-out proof shaft seal
  • Spherically shaped disc
  • Notched handle in ductile iron: lockable in 10 adjustable positions


  • Manually operated / Automatable
  • High flow values
  • Shaft and body are non-wetted parts
  • Low torques
  • Zero leakage