Benefits of the VSI V-Series Segmented Ball Valve

High Performance Segmented Ball Valve with Electric Actuator

The Valve Solutions V-Series is one of the most versatile control valves on the market.  One that we continue to find successful applications for almost on a daily basis.  Trusted by the Mayo Clinic, 3M, St. Paul District Energy, and more, this valve rises to the challenge each and every time.  So what makes this little control valve so special?


V-Series Segmented Ball Valve Design

This valve is not a typicaly globe style control valve: it is a segmented ball design.  What does that mean?  The design is more similar to a ball valve than a globe valve.  The design took a slice of a ball, added a characterization to the front end of the ball face, and mounted it to a trunnion stem. This allows it to have a very repeatable equal percent flow curve. Download V-Series Product Brochure


Trunnion Mount

The trunnion mount is critical as it allows for the valve to have a very low torque requirement.  This allows you to power the valve with a very small actuator.  In many cases, we are able to use a compact belimo damper actuator, which can be found at just about any local plumbing supply house, for less than $250. Or at Apex for under $200!

High Performance Segmented Ball Valve with High Pressure Actuator


Stem Packing

One of the main failures of globe control valves is the stem packing.  With the stem on a globe valve, it is in the process and makes contact with the media in the pipe.  Often dirt, chemicals, and other particles bind themselves to the stainless steel stem of a globe valve and get drug repeatedly up and down through the stem packing.  This creates a leak path that allows for the media to escape the pipe over time. The process leading up to failures often has a very ugly look as you have material building up and escaping on top of the valve. This can be very dangerous in some situations.  Fugitive emmissions is a major problem that can occur in certain situations.
Avoid failures! The design of the V series uses a rotary motion for control.  This means that the stem never sees the process and the v-ring stem packing keeps a leak tight seal on the stem at all times.


V-Series Segmented Ball Valve Class

Most globe valves are Class 3 or Class 4 shut off. They will allow 0.1% Max Flow or 0.01% Max Flow per Hour.
For Example: a 4″ valve in a steam application that can handle 10,000PPH of steam
0.01% of 10,000 = 100 pounds per hour
100 PPH x 24 hours = 2400 pounds per day
2400PPD / 1000PPH  = 2.4
2.4 x $10 /1000PPH steam  = $24 per day of leakage

$24 per day x 365 days = $8760 PER YEAR LOST

The Valve solutions valve is Class 6 bubble tight which means you won’t have any of that leakage mentioned above.  The valve will literally pay for itself in a few short months just by holding tight when other valves are designed to leak.

3 Way High Performance Segmented Ball Valve with High Pressure Actuator


Mounting Pad

The mounting pad on this valve is an ISO 5211 mounting pad. This allows virtually any electric or pneumatic actuator can mount right to it.  The stem is a double D design with a slotted key. You will need a coupler to match the valve stem but the mounting pad is ISO5211.



We love to use this valve on hot water, chilled water, and steam.  Low pressure steam is great for this valve. High pressure steam can work well but needs to be checked for pressure drop.  The bubble tight Class 6 seat is made of teflon so pressure drops exceeding 50PSI are not recommended.
Overall this valve is a versatile, low cost, and in stock. The V-Series Segmented Ball Valve is backed by years of isntallation success.


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