Flow Meters

Monitor plumbing system flow rates and measure total volume of liquids.

Pressure Gauges

Avoid downtime when you monitor pressure in pipes using pipe Pressure Gauges.

Temperature Measurement

Ensure your liquids remain the correct temperature with accurate Temperature Measurement tools.

Level Detection

Constantly measure levels of liquids, solids, and slurries in tanks and silos.


Monitor and Control different areas of your plant remotely.

Process Controllers

Control and automate different processes in your plant.

Series THC Temperature/Humidity Switch

Air Quality

Humidity, temperature, and fume montiors, transmitters, and sensors.

Portable Series Wind Meter

Air Velocity

Windmeters, vaneometers, and transmitters for measuring air velocity inside and out.

Steam Quality Meters

Full bodies Solutions and computer programs built to fully automate your process.

2- Channel Universal Monitor

Speed Monitors

Reliably monitor and control the engines and pumps using rugged speed controllers