WT3000 Repairable Thermostatic Steam Traps

PROCESS: The WT3000* thermostatic steam trap is used for industrial process applications. Their compact size, all stainless steel construction, excellent air handling capability and wide operating pressure range make them a great choice for most process applications. Thermostatic traps are far superior to bucket traps and thermodynamic disc traps in their ability to remove air from the system.

DRIP, TRACING, PROCESS: The WT3000 is a general purpose medium capacity thermostatic trap that can be used for steam tracing; as a drip trap on steam mains and steam supply lines; as well as for process applications. All internal working components can be replaced while the trap body remains in-line.  All stainless steel construction and integral strainer option make the WT3000 an excellent choice for a variety of applications. Contains an extremely strong and rugged precision welded Stainless Steel thermal element which is highly resistant to waterhammer.

* WT3001 refer to 3/16″ orifice size, WT3003 refer to 5/16″ orifice size.

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WT3000 Repairable Thermostatic Steam Traps are extremely energy efficient and excellent at discharging air allowing steam to enter the system quickly during system startup. Models are available in Stainless and alloy steel for Drip, Tracing, and medium size Process applications. Pressures up to 650 psig.

  • Superior air venting capability and extremely energy efficient
  • Single model operates over the entire pressure range in contrast to (F&Ts & IBs)
  • Considerably Smaller in size than F&Ts & IB traps of similar capacities
  • Self-draining to prevent freezing (unlike F&Ts and IB traps)