WPN-100 Bi-Metallic Steam Traps

WPN-100 Bi-Metallic Steam Traps are use in steam tracing, steam main drips and non-critical process equipment. They can be used in outdoor applications that are subject to freezing. Bi-Metallic Steam Traps will back up some condensate into the system and should only be used when this condition is permissible.

  • Excellent for high-pressure and superheated steam applications
  • Freeze-proof and resistant to waterhammer
  • Suitable for superheated steam
  • In-line repairable
  • Trap can be welded into line
ModelSizeTypeMax PMO (psig)
WPN100-C-R90-13-F6003/4"600# FLG1305
WPN100-C-R90-12-SW 1/2"Socket Weld1305
WPN100-C-R90-14-F6001"600# FLG1305
WPN100-C-R90-14-SW 1"Socket Weld1305
WPN100-C-R90-12-F6001/2"600# FLG1305
WPN100-C-R90-13-BW 3/4"Butt Weld1305
WPN100-C-R90-13-SW 3/4"Socket Weld1305
WPN100-C-R90-14-BW 1"Butt Weld1305
WPN100-C-R90-12-BW 1/2"Butt Weld1305


WPN-100 Bi-Metallic Steam Traps are available in sizes 1/2″ – 1″ and pressure up to 1220 psig. Also the max diff. pressure up to 1200 psi. They are extremely robust and reliable, making them a suitable choice for superheated steam, high pressure applications, as well as outdoor applications that are subject to freezing.

When the system is cold, the trap is fully open; discharging air and cold condensate. When the bi-metallic plates inside the trap heat up, they expand; pulling the seat closed and restricting flow. Prior to steam temperature being reached, the trap shuts off tightly. Cooler temperatures cause the seat to open further. Therefore, trap capacity will increase when colder condensate is in contact with the Bi-metal element. Trap capacity is therefore given at different temperatures below saturated steam temperature.