WLD1400 Float Type Liquid Drainers

WLD1400-Series feature:

  • Ductile Iron Bodies
  • 300 psig Operating Pressures

WLDS1400-Series feature:

  • Stainless Steel Bodies
  • 225 psig Operating Pressure
  • In-Line Pipe Connections
  • All Stainless Steel Internals

Used for draining liquids from Tanks, Vessels, and piping systems containing pressurized Air or other gases.


WLD1400 Float Type Liquid Drainers contain a float-operated valve. When liquid enters the drainer, the float rises opening the valve which allows liquid to be drained.

Determine the capacity (lbs/hr) required at the specified differential pressure. Locate differential pressure on capacity chart; move down column to capacity required. Make sure to select the correct model based on the maximum inlet pressure.

Capacity in lbs/hr is based on differential pressure across the drainer. Select a model with an equal or higher PMO (max. operating pressure) than the maximum inlet pressure to the drainer. If the pressure to the drainer exceeds the PMO, the drainer may not open. If discharging to atmosphere, the differential pressure is equal to the inlet pressure.

Required to drain 3,500 lbs/hr at a differential pressure of 2 PSI. The maximum inlet pressure is 15 PSIG.

Select Model:

WLD1416-N-065, 11/2”, capacity up to 4,300 lbs/hr based on 2 PSI differential pressure. PMO = 65 PSI