Wireless Differential Pressure Module

Wireless, Measures Differential Pressure, Air Velocity, and Flow

The Series DP3 Wireless Differential Pressure Module is a compact, highly accurate, auto-ranging differential pressure module ideal for low flow applications. The Series DP3 is used in conjunction with the Dwyer Mobile Meter® application software to view pressure drop across filters, static pressure in ducts, and velocity pressures from pitot tubes or air flow stations.



  • Building commissioning
  • Building HVAC test and balance
  • Critical environment testing
  • Industrial process verification
  • Instrumentation validation


  • Auto ranging technology maintains optimal performance down to 0.1 in w.c.
  • LED indicator displays module status, connection, charging and logging to the user
  • Over-the-air updates ensure the module has the latest firmware
  • Unit can be mounted on both the pitot and velocity grid
  • Rechargeable battery allows for a 10 hour battery life
  • One button design allows for easy operation and simple logging
  • Rugged case allows for a 10’ drop without compromising functionality
  • Automatically corrects pressure reading depending on the inclination of the module