UT Series Flanged Aluminum Rack & Pinion Pneumatic Actuators

The UT Series rack & pinion actuators are the original Max-Air innovation featuring a removable flange for easy valve integration, flexible customization, and reliable operation. The UT Series has been replaced by the MT Series, except for when alternative mounting is required. The series has all the same great features of the MT Series, including NAMUR standard mounting for accessories, and our patented ±10° adjustment for both the open and closed positions, all backed by the best unlimited cycle life warranty.

(Replaced by the MT Series)


Type:  Rack and Pinion
Model:  UT Series MaxAir
Size Range:  UT12 – UT76
Body Material:  Flanged Annoidized Aluminum
Torque Range:  62 – 47250 in/lbs
Mounting:  ISO 5211 and NAMUR
Seals and O-Rings:  Buna-N ( High Temp and Low Temp Available)

Sales Literature

Part Number Builder (Alternative Mounting)
For ISO mounting, see replacement MT Series

Submittal Drawings

UT12 Actuator
UT16 Actuator
UT17 Actuator
UT21 Actuator
UT26 Actuator
UT31 Actuator
UT36 Actuator
UT41 Actuator
UT46 Actuator
UT51 Actuator
UT56 Actuator
UT61 Actuator
UT66 Actuator
UT71 Actuator
UT76 Actuator