Ultrasonic Industrial Devices

  • Mobile single-tank devices of 13 sizes
  • 37 kHz ultrasonic frequency technology for cleaning heavily affected parts and sensitive surfaces with one device
  • 5 ultrasonic modes, the possibility to save up to 4 cleaning programmes
  • Long-lasting, robust devices with tanks made of special stainless steel
  • Easy and clear operation, protected against spraying water
  • Electronic time and heating control
  • Autostart temperature-controlled / temperature pre-selection
  • High-performance transducer systems
  • Dry run proof ceramic heating
  • Quick degassing with Autodegas / Degas
  • Improved cleaning performance with Sweep
  • Safety switch-off


For perfect cleaning results

Depending on the cleaning job, Raca International has just the right cleaning chemicals. From alkaline to acidic, all of our cleaning concentrates have been tested.