Two-Yard Bottom Discharge Hopper

Item #: 322-01

VAC-U-MAX dump hoppers allow for extended vacuuming times and large-volume recovery of dry materials only. The heavy-duty reinforced containers are constructed of carbon steel with a grey epoxy finish, and are rated for 16” Hg (220” / 5500 mm waterlift) maximum vacuum.

Compared to self-dumping (roll-forward) hoppers:

  • Bottom discharge style keeps the center of gravity close to the forklift mast and eliminates potential pinch points
  • Square shaped bottom discharge hopper reduces the footprint by 40% compared to self-dumping roll-forward hoppers
  • 40% Larger discharge opening as compared to self-dumping hoppers
  • Pull chain design with vertical lever allows forklift operator to discharge contents without leaving the fork lift
  • Inspection door which allows for easy visual inspection of contents
  • Faster, more reliable discharge angle of 45-degrees
  • Eliminates the roll-forward motion and sudden weight shift to the end of the forks


Two-Yard Bottom Discharge Hopper:

  • Bottom discharge style keeps the center of gravity close to the forklift mast and eliminates potential pinch points
  • 322-01 Bottom Discharge Hopper, eliminates sudden roll-forward shift of weight and center of gravity
  • 322-01 Two-Yard, Bottom-Dump Hopper shown with optional MDL115 Intercept Cover
  • 322-01 bottom dump hopper with 2-yard capacity used in conjunction with a VAC-U-MAX MDL1050 Heavy-Duty Vacuum Unit

Technical Data:

Empty Weight: 1,400 lbs (636 Kg)
Maximum Payload: 7,000 lbs (3,180 Kg)
Overall dimensions: (looking from the VUM Badge side): 52″D X 57″W X 62″H
Recommended minimum forklift rating: 10,000 lbs (4500 Kg) @ 24″ (610mm) load center