TS125 Radiator Traps

TS125 Radiator Traps with Straight-thru (in-line) connection are Thermostatic Steam Traps that were specifically designed for removing condensate and air from 2-pipe steam heating systems. The bodies are made from a high-quality brass forging and can be fully repaired while the product remains in-line by removing the cap and easily replacing the seat and thermal element. It is available in 1/2″ & 3/4″ NPT connections with pressure ranges: 125 PSIG.

  • Excellent air handling capability
  • In-line repairable
  • Welded stainless steel thermal element
  • Stainless seat on TA125 & TS125
  • High thermal efficiency
ModelSizeMax PMO (psig)Max Capacity @ Max PMO (lbs/hr)


TS125 Radiator Traps are predominantly used in the HVAC industry. They are referred to as radiator traps because the quick-disconnect right angle connection of the TA Type is found on most steam radiator installations. The TS Type offers a straight-through connection alternative. TA and TS Series radiator traps were designed specifically for removing condensate and air from 2-pipe steam heating systems. Their excellent air-handling capabilities, compact size, and economical cost make them a great choice for air vents on heat exchangers or for steam trap applications on OEM equipment. Contains an extremely strong and rugged precision-welded Stainless Steel thermal element which is highly resistant to waterhammer.
This thermostatic trap contains a welded stainless steel thermal element that expands when heated and contracts when cooled. When air and condensate are present the trap is in the open discharge position. When steam reaches the trap the element expands and closes off tightly.